Barbarossa Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee – Premium Quality Handcrafted

Qualities of Barbarossa Coffee:
Sustainably Produced
Ethically Sourced
Packaged Fresh
100% Arabica Coffee
Bright Acidic Coffee
Sweet Floral Aroma
Roasted by SCAA certified roasters
+85 Tasting Scored
Latest Harvest Beans
Award-Winning coffee

Best coffee in town!

Barbarossa Coffee Presents you handpicked handcrafted 100% Arabica, +85 cupping scored Ethiopian and Colombian medium-dark roasted beans.

Barbarossa Coffee has been Awarded from Nextdoor and Yelp apps 3 years in a row 2017-2018-2019 by the consumer’s rates.

Our Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Bean is Roasted in an Individual Batch Just For You! This Bean is a Medium Light Roast Coffee with Floral and Sweet Notes. This Complex Fruity Flavor Has Bright Acidity Making it Perfect For Many Different Brewing Methods. We Recommend it Best with Pour Overs. They are grown, sourced, and packaged responsibly, after being roasted with Love by Coffeeman in Houston, Texas


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